ductus deferens

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 [duk´tus] (pl. duc´tus) (L.)
ductus arterio´sus a fetal blood vessel that joins the aorta and pulmonary artery.
ductus de´ferens the excretory duct of the testis, which joins the excretory duct of the seminal vesicle to form the ejaculatory duct; called also vas deferens.
patent ductus arteriosus see patent ductus arteriosus.
ductus veno´sus a major blood channel that develops through the embryonic liver from the left umbilical vein to the inferior vena cava.
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duc·tus def·er·ens

the secretory duct of the testicle, extending from the epididymis, of which it is the continuation, to its merging with the excretory duct of the seminal gland to form the ejaculatory duct.
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duc·tus def·er·ens

(dŭk'tŭs def'ĕr-enz) [TA]
The secretory duct of the testicle, running from the epididymis, of which it is the continuation, to the prostatic urethra where it terminates as the ejaculatory duct.
Synonym(s): arteriola glomerularis efferens [TA] , deferent duct, spermatic duct, spermiduct (1) , vas deferens.
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The ductus deferens is identified (Fig la) and carefully debrided as it emerges from the epididymis.
The use of a fine blunt probe aids in debriding and differentiating the ductus deferens within the subcutaneous space (Fig 2b).
During sexual stimulation, smooth muscle cells in the tail contract and push the epididymal contents into the ductus deferens. A second mechanism involves periodic contractions of the epididymal tail and ductus deferens, causing more sustained release.
The ductus deferens is coiled where it emerges from the epididymis.
Unlike the epididymis and efferent ducts, the ductus deferens has a well-defined tunica serosa.
Prostate gland One of the accessory sex glands located at the origin of the urethra at the site where the two ductus deferens converge.
Vesicular glands A pair of male accessory sex glands situated laterally to the ductus deferens and dorsal to the pelvic urethra.
Wolffian ducts The embryonic ducts that develop into the epididymis and ductus deferens. Also called the mesonephric ducts.
The extratesticular seminiferous path is made up bilaterally of the epididymis and ductus deferens. The epididymis are firmly applied to the corresponding testis dorsomedial face and continue with the ductus deferens, which are located at the sides of the body median line medially to the ureters (Fig.
Several works agree with our results as for the epididymis size and position and the ductus deferens site and tortuousity (Kaupp; Lake, 1957; Amer & Shahin; Tingari, Mercadante et al.
The ductus deferens descending course parallel to the ureter in direction to the urodeo is similar in fowl (Lake, 1957; King), male pigeon (Mercadante et al.), and it was confirmed in this study.