intraductal papilloma

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in·tra·duc·tal pap·il·lo·ma

a small, often nonpalpable, benign papilloma arising in a lactiferous duct and frequently causing bleeding from the nipple.
Synonym(s): duct papilloma

intraductal papilloma

a small benign epithelial tumor in a milk duct of the breast, occasionally marked by bleeding from the nipple. See also papilloma.

Intraductal papilloma

Ductal papilloma Breast disease A benign epithelial intraductal mass seen in the breast of pre- and perimenopausal ♀, arising in ductal epithelium Clinical Breast pain, nipple discharge, palpable mass. See Breast cancer.

intraductal papilloma

A papilloma in the milk ducts of the breast, composed of fibrous tissue and blood vessels. It is the most common cause of spontaneous nipple discharge. Breast biopsies, ductograms, or examination of the discharge for malignant cells are used to evaluate the lesion. Surgery is the preferred treatment.
See also: papilloma
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If after careful examination, nipple cytology and mammography no carcinoma is found then a likely diagnosis is a duct papilloma.