duck walk

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met·a·tar·sus val·gus

(met'ă-tahr'sŭs val'gŭs)
Fixed deformity in which the forepart of the foot is rotated on the long axis of the foot, so that the plantar surface faces away from the midline of the body, whereas the heel remains straight.
Synonym(s): duck walk, toeing out.
[meta- + G. tarsos, flat surface, sole, + L. valgus, bent]
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, duck walk (dŭk′wok″)
To ambulate in a crouched position with the buttocks just above the heels.
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'' I asked about doing the duck walk and he just briefly said 'can you?'
Some 200 hopefuls a year take part in the training at Flores' studio, which include gym workouts, make-up lessons, and duck walk drills.
"I don't have any plans, but I'm excited to enjoy the day," she said, waiting for the Duck Walk to begin.
My father, a kind man with a gruff exterior, took a lot of ribbing about the duck walk. However, in my sister's and my eyes, he was our hero that day, and always.
TWO years ago next month the remains of your daughter were found by children on Duck Walk in Carryduff, near the Lough Moss Centre.
Over this period, four testing sessions were conducted, with changes in knee pain and function assessed by clinical and functional tests, (joint line palpation, a 3 meter "duck walk" and a repeated, walking stair climb), two questionnaires (the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) and the Knee Pain Scale (KPS)) and participant subjective evaluations.
From Muddy's duck walk and guitar solos played behind his head to antics like flaming guitars, MuddyKing fans have grown accustomed to great live performances.
Other drills include a straight-ahead "duck walk," which is simply walking with the knees bent at approximately 90 degrees, and a backward duck walk.
Like other beauty queens, this year's Miss Chinatown, 24-year-old Shirley Vy, has her own version of stage walk, which she calls 'duck walk.'
Lubina mastered what is dubbed the "duck walk" at the Kagandahang Flores (Beauty of the Flower) training camp in Manila, where students are taught to perfect their beauty queen strut by swinging their hips from side to side like ducks.
In 1994 Damianos opened Duck Walk Vineyards in Southampton, N.Y., with his son Alexander.