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*continuous vomiting or severe diarrhea with signs of dehydration such as dry tongue, dry mouth, little or no urination for the the most recent six to eight hours, or very yellow or orange urine;
You can perform a simple in-office assessment of the oral cavity by visual inspection and by placing a dry tongue blade against the inside of the cheek mucosa.
Signs of heat exhaustion - of which dehydration is an element - include pale or clammy skin, heavy sweating, muscle cramping, headache, nausea or vomiting, dry tongue, excessive thirst, dizziness or fainting and extreme fatigue and weakness.
This will help to prevent the general inflammation that causes hangover symptoms such as a headache, dry tongue, bloated stomach and brain fog.
Use a marker to label one plate "dry tongue panting," one plate "wet tongue panting," and one plate "wet tongue inside mouth."