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a Chicago middle market merger and acquisition advisory firm has advised CPC Dry Pack on this acquisition and traditionally prospects merger and acquisition opportunities providing valuation and due diligence services to its client base.
This complete system produces a dry pack that is ready for storage, whereas hot water shrinking previously required two operators to lower the wrapped block of cheese into a dip tank, which further slowed the process.
08 grams for 8 x 8 mm package) -- No special handling is required Other Key Technical Features -- Oki's W-CSP package has passed JEDEC Level 1 moisture sensitivity level so there is no need for a dry pack -- Halogen free epoxy resin -- Lead-free solder is available as an option Availability
The facility offers capabilities in engineering, test software/hardware development, wafer probe, final test, turnkey reliability testing, component marking and demarking, dry bake, lead scan and lead conditioning, tape and reel, dry pack and seal and bar code labeling.
Not only can we program the part, we can laser mark, tape-and-reel and dry pack it in one integral quality controlled process," he said.