dry gas

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dry gas (D)

a gas that contains no water vapor.
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The Shell-operated Malikai deep water field will be tied in via separate partially stabilized liquid and dry gas lines shortly after first gas from KBB.
The train can produce 3,860 t/d of LPG, 612 t/d of condensate and 46 MCM/d of dry gas.
An Intisar dry gas reinjection plant, with a capacity having fallen from 18.
Tenders are invited for refurbishment and testing of dry gas seals of recycle gas compressor tag no.
If this materialises, it would involve about 70-80 MCF/d of dry gas developed by the French major in partnership with Petronas of Malaysia, but now being owned and run by a NIOC unit.
Contract award: Decontamination and disposal of pollutants in the dry gas cleaning systems I-III of the World Cultural Heritage Site under conservation.