dry gas

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dry gas (D)

a gas that contains no water vapor.
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The Shell-operated Malikai deep water field will be tied in via separate partially stabilized liquid and dry gas lines shortly after first gas from KBB.
The train can produce 3,860 t/d of LPG, 612 t/d of condensate and 46 MCM/d of dry gas.
First gas is expected before the end of 2005 and CanArgo believes that this is one of the first dry gas developments undertaken in Kazakhstan.
Production from the Kyzyloy Field will make BNM one of the first domestic producers of dry gas in Kazakhstan.
An Intisar dry gas reinjection plant, with a capacity having fallen from 18.
The resulting dry gas will be compressed for transportation through Dolphin's export pipeline to the United Arab Emirates.
Tenders are invited for refurbishment and testing of dry gas seals of recycle gas compressor tag no.
The expansion project will not only increase TCO's crude oil production, but the expansion of the SGP facility will yield more dry gas, propane, butane and saleable sulfur products.
If this materialises, it would involve about 70-80 MCF/d of dry gas developed by the French major in partnership with Petronas of Malaysia, but now being owned and run by a NIOC unit.
In this first phase, the Bayu-Undan gas recycle facility will produce and process wet gas; separate and store condensate, propane and butane; and re-inject dry gas back into the reservoir.
Contract award: Decontamination and disposal of pollutants in the dry gas cleaning systems I-III of the World Cultural Heritage Site under conservation.