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sleep drunkenness a condition of prolonged transition from sleep to waking, with partial alertness, disorientation, drowsiness, poor coordination, and sometimes excited or violent behavior.


Intoxication, usually alcoholic.
See also: acute alcoholism.


/drunk·en·ness/ (drung´ken-nes) inebriation.
sleep drunkenness  prolonged transition from sleep to waking, with partial alertness, disorientation, drowsiness, poor coordination, and sometimes excited or violent behavior.


The state of acute alcohol-induced inebriation, which is a factor in12 of the 35,000 MVAs/yr–US; it plays a role in domestic violence, drownings, falls, fires, homelessness, homicides, suicides. See Sleep drunkenness.


Intoxication, usually alcoholic.

Patient discussion about drunkenness

Q. what are the do and and don't do when you are drunk? is there an easy way to get out of the drunken feeling?

A. eating alot of bread soaks up the alcohol.

Q. what happens if i will drink and drive? why is it so dangerous? what cause the blurry when you are drunk?

A. You can take your lives, and even worse, the lives of innocent other people. Driving (or performing any other activity that requires precision and alertness) under the influence of alcohol is dangerous because alcohol acts as a "downer" - it slows the overall brain activity, and makes the drinker to think less clearly, acts slowly, and remove it's inhibition so he or she may make reckless decisions (such as not stopping at traffic lights).

The exact mechanism isn't totally understood, but alcohol acts in a diffuse pattern over many regions of the brain. One doesn't have to be totally drunk in order to be ineligible to drive - relatively small amounts of alcohol may already influence enough to make driving extremely dangerous.

You may read more here:

And remember - if you drink, you don't drive. That's what friends are for.

Q. what are the side effects of drinking to much alcohol? beside getting drunk....

A. wow...there are so many...here is a list of short terms effects:

long terms include bone marrow inhibition and liver cirrhosis. both can be deadly.

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References in classic literature ?
He walked along the pavement like a drunken man, regardless of the passers-by, and jostling against them, and only came to his senses when he was in the next street.
Besides the two drunken men he had met on the steps, a group consisting of about five men and a girl with a concertina had gone out at the same time.
Drunken, aggressive, and violent behavior represented an inversion of the restrained, polite conventions of middle-class society, JUST as toasting and drinking rituals affirmed the bonds that linked workers to one another and united them in opposition to bosses and moral reformers.
Genteel gatherings degenerated into drunken brawls, so much so that "Jan Steen household" became synonymous with "slovenly household" (1).
The man was arrested following a drunken outburst on an aircraft travelling from Portugal to Scotland last summer.
Although this sort of broad approach to construing a felony exclusion may be apt where the felony also negates the fortuity element of insurance or represents an obvious crime for which no reasonable policyholder should expect coverage, it seems too broad an approach for crimes such as drunken driving.
Both drivers survived and will face drunken driving charges, police said.
A MAN who beat up his own grandfather in a drunken attack has been spared jail.
TWO men who robbed a vulnerable drunken man in the city centre were jailed.
At last year's meeting his daughters furthered his reputation as a broodmare sire by providing stakes winners King Torus, Tropical Paradise and Drunken Sailor, and it was a similar story last week with Drunken Sailor confirming his liking for Goodwood when taking the Glorious Stakes and Chandlery making the best of an uninterrupted passage to win the Vintage Stakes.
London, Dec 20 (ANI): A new survey has pointed out that drunken car passengers could be as dangerous as drivers who drink.
A COUPLE were killed by a train after having a drunken tiff, an inquest has heard.