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tym·pan·ic mem·brane

a thin tense membrane forming the greater part of the lateral wall of the tympanic cavity and separating it from the external acoustic meatus; it constitutes the boundary between the external and middle ears; it is a trilaminar membrane covered with skin on its external surface, mucosa in its internal surface, is covered on both surfaces with epithelium, and, in the tense part, has an intermediate layer of outer radial and inner circular collagen fibers.


See eardrum.
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The Drumhead Service originated from when military chaplains in the field would use the drums of their battalion or regimental band to construct a makeshift altar to hold religious services.
And if someone wants his skin used to make drumheads, that desire should "probably" be honored, too.
The company makes 18,000 drumheads each day, Remo said.
In fact, it is amazing that I can manage to teach at all: I keep wanting to ask other learners, other writers, Can you hum a note and then perhaps tap me a few times, stretch and sound out the drumhead, help me find the note within myself?
In addition, the static mixer helps Remo satisfy its tight requirements for applying the adhesive to the drumhead.
President Bush's action -- creating drumhead military tribunals not subject to judicial review in civilian courts and operating with more expansive powers to convict and sentence -- is a clear violation of the constitutional separation of powers.
In language of chilling breadth, the order authorizes drumhead tribunals with few rights for the accused, imprisonment and death sentences--not only for present or former members of Al Qaeda but for any noncitizen accused of aiding or abetting "acts of international terrorism, or acts in preparation therefore that have caused, threaten to cause.
Barry Hills is on the mark at Ayr, where Further Flight, ridden by the trainer's son Michael, outstays Drumhead (Peter Walwyn/Willie Carson) in the Tennent Trophy.
The experimenters saw, as expected, that long-wavelength oscillations were barred from narrow promontories of the drumhead because of the physical mismatch.
Small pieces of Velcro, glued at strategic points inside the drumhead rim and along the top of the telescope tube, secure the cover in place.
When you thump the drumhead, the whole instrument vibrates.
Written, according to tradition, on a drumhead, it inspired the army at a time when defeat seemed nearly certain.