drum circle

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drum circle,

n a spiritual, communal, or therapeutic music experience in which participants join together in a circle with drums, move, dance using various percussion instruments, voices, and other devices. These circles are used to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure, to in-crease immune system function, and to create a sense of community.
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Our group also runs drum circles and draws analogies between a drum circle and how a community should work together covering across all aspects of life.
When the children had celebrated their victories, the professional music group Walkabout Drum Circle performed some of their West African inspired drum rhythms, which sparked a small dance party in one section of the theater's seating.
An open drum circle will be organized around a bonfire as well as interactive sessions with music mentors.
Troy Roberts founded Drum Circle Distilling, maker of Siesta Key Rum, a decade ago, after he'd sold another business and got bored.
The event had conducted 10-15 workshops, storytelling session, Krazy science lab, art and craft zone, adventure camping, amusement and rides and live shows like drum circle, flash mob, kids rock band and magic show.
Join Lennon and Enesto from Havana in the Drum Circle and add your own sound to the percussion circle.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO - 15 August 2017: Gramophone, Maadi will host a drum circle tomorrow, August 16 with Rania Amr.
Monthly Drum Circle A drum circle is a free-form drumming event which is entirely-improvised, in-the-moment musicmaking.
got into the rhythm of summer on June 23 during a drum circle that ushered in the new season.
Contract awarded for ITQ for provision of instructors for P2 School Based PAL Music Programme - Drum Circle for Clementi Pri Sch for the year 2016.
On the last day of the festival, there was a big drum circle.
When Friday comes around get ready for a drum circle performance, a belly dancing workshop by Stavros Karayanni, and some musical performances by Monsier Doumani and Minus One.