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1. the state of being given up to some habit or compulsion.
2. strong physiological and psychological dependence on a drug or other agent; see alcoholism and drug dependence.
drug addiction a state of heavy dependence on a drug; sometimes defined as physical dependence but usually also including emotional dependence, i.e., compulsive or pathological drug use. It is often used synonymously with drug dependence.
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drug addiction

A compulsive and maladaptive dependence on a drug that produces adverse psychological, physical, economic, social, or legal ramifications. See: substance abuse; substance dependence
See also: addiction
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Patient discussion about drug addiction

Q. What happens in rehab centers? How do they “cure” alcoholics and drug addicts?

A. REHAB;for alcoholics are the same as rehabs for drugs addicted people--alcohol is a drug,people learn how to deal with ther disease,they learn how to ask for help when they fell like drinking,they learn how to go to meetings everyday,they learn how to stay away from people places and things that remind them of drinking(bars)(friends).rehabs DO NOT CURE YOU they teach you how to cure yourself or stay away from alcohol/drugs---mrfoot56---peace

Q. Why should I feel sorry for a drug addict when it was their choice to start doing drugs in the first place? Why should I feel sorry for a drug addict when it was their choice to start doing drugs in the first place? Should we be so sympathetic to people who are addicted to drugs? What are your thoughts?

A. you cant blame a drug addict..for being a drug addict..but you can blame him for not trying to stop..addiction is a disease...it is treated as a disease...alcoholics are the same as any other drug addict--but alot of older people dont look at it that way,because it is legal...there are more alcoholics,than cocaine,herion,crack,meth...all put together...HUMAN NATURE..is the answer to why we have so much drug addiction....ALSO WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS BLAME THE USERS...BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO LET THIS STUFF IN THE COUNTRY,BLAME THE ALCOHOL COMPANYS..FOR PUTTING THIS STUFF ON THE MARKET,HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU;;;IF THE US GOVERNMENT KNOWS ALCOHOL IS KILLING PEOPLE,AT HOME AND ON THE ROADS,WHY DONT STAY BAN IT LIKE THEY BAN THE OTHER DRUGS?????MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.....mrfoot56.....peace

Q. are there are acceptable drugs by the health industry for depression which are not addictive but yet effective

A. As toward other drugs, patients may develop addiction to the mood-improving actions of the medications, so potentially every medication that works has the potential to induce addiction (even medications to other non-psychiatric condition that cause good feeling may do that).

However, the current medications used to treat depression are not considered dangerous in this matter.

You may read more here (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/depression.html), and if you have any questions regarding this subject you may consult a doctor (e.g. a psychiatrist)

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