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Trump has reportedly talked privately about drug dealers getting the death penalty, and has pointed to countries with harsher punishments for drug dealers as examples for reducing drug-related crimes
While the victims were not on the police drugs watch list, Eyan said the killings appeared to be drug-related.
We also carry out search of premises and houses suspected to be hideouts for illicit drug business as part of the initiatives to reduce drug-related activities in the state,'' he said.
Casurao said that while the most common reason for the withdrawal of deputation was drug-related, there were "specific and detailed" grounds for each of the officials named.
Additional data and information on CDC's state-level efforts to address drug-related deaths are available at https://www.
BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces arrested a man suspected of theft, drug-related activity and being a member of an armed gang, the state-run National News Agency reported Tuesday.
The researchers first use their data to examine trends in drug-related deaths and ED visits.
Several of the individuals put to death in Indonesia since 2013 have been executed for drug-related offences.
UNDER-PRESSURE paramedics are having to deal with an increasing number of drug-related calls.
Colonel Mohammad Saif Matar Al Zaabi, Director of the Punitive and Correctional Establishments, noted that male visitors will be able to visit inmates on Thursday, the first day of Eid Al Adha, between 8am and 1pm for all cases except drug-related cases) and from 3pm to 5pm for drug-related cases.
Emergency department visits for drug-related suicide attempts have increased 51 percent in just six years, according to new data in two reports from the U.
POLICE in Barry are cracking down on drug-related crime which has resulted in two arrests and the seizure of mainly class A drugs.