drug rep

A drug company employee who has regular contact with prescribing physicians and often works on commissions; drug reps provide details on the company’s products, biasing the information they provide toward the drug company’s agents and against that of other companies
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drug 'rep'

Pharmaceutical industry A drug company employee who has regular contact with prescribing physicians; DRs provide details on the proper administration of new agents, and usually try to have the physician change prescribing practices in favor of the DR company's agents; some say that drug reps' only function is to provide “sponsored”/free meals. See Detailing.
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What prompted this reverie was recollecting a conversation I had quite some time ago with Stan, a retired drug rep of the old school: terrible combover, rumpled suit, beat-up briefcase.
The drug rep or clinic assistant can just hand over the details to Chef Shuttle, and it will do the rest, all for a delivery fee of $4.95.
LOVE & OTHER DRUGS E4 9PM Cocky Pfizer drug rep Jake Gyllenhaal falls for damaged beauty Anne Hathaway in hard-sell soft-core soap with brash characters.
But Jack (Robert De Niro) suspects he's having an affair with a drug rep, and begins to wonder about him as his successor.
"It eliminated the idea that the drug rep is there every day bringing breakfast or lunch for everybody in the clinic," Carter said.
Another former GSK drug rep, who did not want to be identified, said they paid doctors for lectures that never happened and this would result in a greater number of prescriptions.
Those claiming that the PDRP is not restrictive enough argue that a drug rep's job is to increase sales--not to offer unbiased, evidence-based information to physicians.
ANNE HATHAWAY plays a young Parkinson's sufferer who attracts the eye of drug rep Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal).
Script by John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey (replacing Hamburg's regular co-writer, Jim Herzfeld) attempts a sincere look at the challenges of raising a family and keeping a marriage healthy, especially given the temptations posed by a way-too-flirtatious drug rep (Jessica Alba) at the hospital where Greg works.
FACT FILE While Jake Gyllenhaal consulted former drug rep Jamie Reidy for the role, Anne Hathaway received advice from Lucy Roucis, an actress with Parkinson''s Disease.
The salesman pleaded, "I gotta come in!" The soldier pointed his rifle at the young American, unlocked the safety, and repeated, "You can't come in." The drug rep relented: "Oh, now

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