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Flach and colleagues analyzed images from 89 exams performed on 50 suspected drug mules over a three-year period at University Hospital.
Tobon, who more or less plays himself in the movie, helps Colombian immigrants and has identified and handled the funeral arrangements for more than 400 drug mules who died after pellets burst in their stomachs.
He criticised various groups which have been blaming the Philippine government for bending over backwards to help the suspected drug mules.
Consider the possibility, the drug mule must have been blackmailed into doing this at threat to his family or loved ones.
The boy, an American citizen, said his troubles started when he was sent to live with his paternal grandparents in Nigeria in 1999 at the request of his father, who is in a US jail for using drug mules to smuggle heroin into the country.
Jennifer Fleetwood, author of new book Drug Mules, says drug gangs have previously sacrificed smugglers to ease the checks on other mules passing through the airport at the same time.
Meanwhile, shame to hear drug mule Melissa Reid missed her brother Liam's wedding.
Anti-narcotics deputy chief investigator Col Esteban Melo told how the Canadian drug mule was rumbled by a female guard.
A DRUG mule caught with pounds 1400 worth of heroin has been jailed for 32 months.
TUMTHING UP Drug mule hides her face as fake rubber belly is exposed
PERU drug mule Melissa Reid is to plead guilty and could be home after three years.
DRUG mule Michaella McCollum faces an agonising wait to see if Peruvian politicians pass a law today that could be key to her freedom.