Drug Lord

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The head of an illicit, usually multinational drug procurement and/or distribution conglomerate (cartel), who maintains his/her empire by fear, murder and extortion, and finances the operation with via crooked accountants, money laundering, offshore shell companies and anonymous bank accounts
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The drug barons, according to findings by the NDLEA have a willing tool in a syndicate which spreads across aviation agencies, airlines, uniform personnel including other airport users such as cleaners who they regularly entice with cash to help them carry out their wicked act of planting drugs in the baggage of unsuspecting passengers.
'The imputation that complainant (Trillanes) is a 'narco', 'drug baron' and 'drug lord' is not only false and baseless, but also not covered by privileged communication,' the resolution added.
Gangland killer James McDonald is furious over rumours that, while he was locked up, the drug baron attempted to woo his former girlfriend
GOVERNMENT went to war against Latin America's drug barons in the 1980s, it couldn't have asked for better poster boys than Pablo Escobar and Manuel Noriega.
Kyaw Win reportedly has close links with Khun Sa, a supposedly reformed drug lord, but Kernsai, who was a Khun Sa aide for years until 1996, said the drug baron never mentioned a relationship with Kyaw Win.
He discovers that Justin likedloud tunes and quiet women and was chummy with an evil drug baron (Tim Curry).
DRUG baron Tony Murray has been ordered to hand over almost pounds 1m after bringing huge quantities of heroin into the country.
FAISALABAD -- Life imprisonment has been awarded to a drug baron, in a case registered by Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) police station.
While living in Spain, he made friends with notorious British drug baron and smuggler Mickey Greene - whose elusive nature earned him the nickname "Scarlet Pimpernel".
One drug baron at Perth Prison is believed to be transferring up to pounds 300 a month from his prison fund into an outside high-interest bank account.
He was right-hand man to jailed drug baron John Healy and enforcer for exiled for-mer Guard ion security firm boss Paul Johnston.
I READ your article about the drug baron who had to hand over pounds 1 million out of his ill-gotten gains.