Drug Lord

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The head of an illicit, usually multinational drug procurement and/or distribution conglomerate (cartel), who maintains his/her empire by fear, murder and extortion, and finances the operation with via crooked accountants, money laundering, offshore shell companies and anonymous bank accounts
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This entire episode shows how powerful these drug barons are -- and the lengths to which a government must go to eradicate them once and for all.
Jovy may know his House from his Techno and his Es from his Special K but a Shakespeare-quoting drug baron called Damian is a little harder to swallow.
It's an all too familiar tale of drug barons in Mexico, muscle-bound cops, and plenty of shoot-outs thrown in.
One drug baron at Perth Prison is believed to be transferring up to pounds 300 a month from his prison fund into an outside high-interest bank account.
DRUG baron Tony Murray has been ordered to hand over almost pounds 1m after bringing huge quantities of heroin into the country.
While living in Spain, he made friends with notorious British drug baron and smuggler Mickey Greene - whose elusive nature earned him the nickname "Scarlet Pimpernel".
Summary: A notorious Mexican drug baron has been captured while out jogging.
A DRUG baron faces 30 years in jail for trying to smuggle pounds 35million of cocaine into the UK.
He was right-hand man to jailed drug baron John Healy and enforcer for exiled for-mer Guard ion security firm boss Paul Johnston.
I READ your article about the drug baron who had to hand over pounds 1 million out of his ill-gotten gains.
THE five-year prison term for self-confessed drug baron John Gooding is a despicable sentence of unjustified leniency.
A CROOKED lawyer who helped his drug baron client launder money has been struck off.