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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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A happy coincidence can mean we were born in a good neighborhood with a decent standard and we must be really unlucky to be born in the droughty areas of sub-Saharan Africa but it is perverse to claim that such arbitrary fact could influence what belongs to us and what we are eligible for.
The water regime of these soils is relatively unstable as they may dry out in droughty periods.
In droughty soil moisture conditions (dry HC types) the decomposition of SOM is modest and it takes place during a very short period; therefore the role of the biological activity (plant cover as well as soil organisms) is also modest.
Because of fire and droughty conditions, most of this present day forest was originally savanna communities with numerous prairie openings.
Firstly the hard salt are deposit in the soil and cause them to be uninfluenced, secondly the salinity of the water caused suction in the root partand caused the plant to be droughty.
In less droughty years, or on soils with a higher water-holding capacity, water savings from plant-based regulated deficit irrigation might have been greater.
album appears to be the sedum of choice for sites where direct solar incidence produces both high temperatures and droughty conditions (there was no shade on the south face; S.
What bothers him is the future he foresees, of the boy growing up exactly like himself: barely surviving as a grazer in the region's harsh, droughty climate, without access to any safety nets such as Public Distribution System shops, schools or health centers.
If Goyder had developed an eye for droughty country, based on the character of the vegetation--most likely on the presence of a variety of species and not just one or two--it would have been difficult to explain this insight to his contemporaries, who do not even seem to have been able to hold on to the concept of unreliable rainfall--the minutes of committee meetings show that in discussion with him, those questioning him did not take up the idea with any clarity or vigour, nor did they mirror his language, even when sympathetic.
The frequency of droughty years in Romania has increased almost continuously from 33% (1942-1953) to 80% (1982-1990).
We are starting to see now that human activity is having a quantifiable effect on the severity of droughty However, the picture is murky and confusing, experts say, and the nuances are too confusing to allow simple conclusions.