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Containing an excess of water or of watery fluid.
Synonym(s): dropsical
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Effects of Sangrovit-RS supplementation (0.5 g/head/d) visceral organ mass in ewes under hot environment fed with high-energy corn-based diet Item SANG SEM p-value intake (g/d) 0 0.5 Organ weight (g/kg EBW) Stomach complex 30.14 33.39 1.35 0.12 Intestines 48.03 49.60 2.20 0.62 Liver 17.05 15.29 0.44 0.02 Heart/lungs 24.61 24.98 0.66 0.69 Visceral fat 40.20 48.42 2.17 0.02 Histological changes of ruminal epithelium (1) Dropsical degeneration 2.34 2.08 0.27 0.51 Neutrophil infiltration 2.86 2.08 0.25 0.05 Parakeratosis 1.82 1.30 0.15 0.03 SANG, Sangrovit-RS; SEM, standard error of mean; p, observed treatment effect; EBW, empty body weight.
She has a very sickly appearance, and is troubled with a dropsical complaint, which is most probably the consequence of the changes in her manner of living, which her being carried from her own country inevitably occasioned.
Myra's ethereal insanity and Billy's dropsical ineptitude clash in Conradian style.
("The third part of the previously mentioned trinity is avarice, which is an insatiable abyss, an insatiable Charybdis, that hungers in superabundance, thirsts in drunkenness, that in the image of a dropsical person thirsts more the more he drinks; the more he has the more he craves; whoever follows after fleeting things, pursues fallen things.
Consider Faulkner's famous description of Dilsey: She had been a big woman once but now her skeleton rose, draped loosely in unpadded skin that tightened again upon a paunch almost dropsical, as though muscle and tissue had been courage and fortitude which the days or the years had consumed until only the indomitable skeleton was left rising like a ruin or a landmark above the somnolent and impervious guts, and above that the collapsed face that gave the impression of the bones themselves being outside the flesh, lifted into the driving day, with an expression at once fatalistic and of a child's astonished disappointment, until she turned and entered the house again and closed the door.
Sarah Yeager is a dainty and resolute person with a dropsical torso and insubstantial legs that dangle when she sits in a chair.
you need a straight-jacket, even though you may be the fortunate owner of a dropsical purse." (37) Forty dollars, says Fern, would go a long way if distributed charitably, and what is more, there is no "point" to owning one, for it is impossible for anyone to know that a little handkerchief is so expensive.
Seizing the surgical knife, he plunged it into his bloated leg and watched the bloody liquid gush out: "imagining that the dropsical collection of water which oppressed him might be drawn off by making incisions in his body, he, with his usual resolute defiance of pain, cut deep, when he thought the surgeon had done it too tenderly."
As the phrase "state of eye" suggests, De Quincey acknowledges a close relationship between his dreams and his body: when he begins to dream of lakes and water he fears "that some dropsical state or tendency of the brain might thus be making itself(to use a metaphysical word)objective" (Confessions 107; original emphasis).
On the nature of the alkaline matter contained in various dropsical fluids, and in the serum of the blood.
"One great cause of dropsical effusion appears to be obstructed circulation, and whatever generally or locally prevents the return of blood through the venous system, gives rise to effusions of serum more or less extensive." Bright recognized ascites due to cirrhosis of the liver with portal vein obstruction and ascites secondary to tubercular infection.