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The descent of the foetus, resulting in decreased fundal height, an event that occurs about 2 weeks before labour, caused by physiologic changes of the uterus; lightening is characterised by an abrupt sensation of ‘lightness’ or relief from the weightiness felt by the mother which corresponds to the drop of the baby’s head into the pelvis
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Lightening, see there.
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Patient discussion about dropping

Q. Can Jantoven cause hemoglobin to drop?

A. Yes. In that case, you may consider consulting a doctor, since it may result from bleeding that may necessitate treatment.

Q. can you take cough drops while your pregnant

A. there are many kinds of cough syrups/drops/pills. and all of them contains different materials, some have codeine in it and that is not a good choice during pregnancy. but the best thing to do is ask the pharmacist that sells the medicine. their job is to know those things. you can also read the pamphlet that comes with the medicine.

Q. what is the red line when your body temperature drops before you are getting hypothermia?

A. Hypothermia is a condition in which an organism's temperature drops below that required for normal metabolism and function. For people in stage 1 hypethermia, body temperature drops by 1-2°C below normal temperature (35-36°C). Mild to strong shivering occurs. In stage 2, body temperature drops by 2-4°C (35-33 degrees). Shivering becomes more violent. Muscle mis-coordination becomes apparent and movements are slow and labored and there is mild confusuin. In stage 3, body temperature drops below approximately 32 °C (89.6 °F). Shivering usually stops and there's difficulty speaking, sluggish thinking, and amnesia start to appear. Cellular metabolic processes shut down. This is life threatening.

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Several employees had droppings fall on their heads while they worked.
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Mr Ball said: "Officers were clearly concerned by the presence of mouse droppings throughout the premises.
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The spores from droppings are carried in the air and can cause respiratory problems.
The beans are extracted from the droppings of the native palm civet, a cat-like creature that eats only the ripest coffee cherries but cannot digest the hard centres.
Miss Wade said the freshness of the droppings convinced her that the infestation was recent.
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After the researchers themselves cut leaves and applied snail droppings, the fungal biomass was almost double that on leaves protected from snail droppings.