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He added the disease is caused by airborne droplet spread, direct contact with nasal or throat secretions of infected persons and less commonly by soiled items with nasal and throat secretions.
A hospital spokesman said "Flu, like other viruses, is known to be transferred by droplet spread.
Infection results from aerosol droplet spread through lungs and mucus membranes.
Those similarities in the characteristics could make it difficult to distinguish between the two different principles of cross-infection risk (airborne transmission and droplet spread transmission), as was also pointed out by Li (2009).
It is, therefore, very important to sneeze into a tissue to contain droplet spread and tissues should be disposed of safely.
It is therefore very important that one should sneeze into a tissue to contain droplet spread and these tissues should be disposed of safely.
What businesses can do to protect themselves is pay attention to "environmental cleaning" to cover the droplet spread and keep respectable social distances, says Burton.
Direct contact transmission with the index patient and droplet spread by cough may have occurred among patients living in block E.
If contact or droplet spread alone were responsible for this cluster, a lapse in technique would be required on the part of each infected HCW.
Based on available epidemiological data, the vast majority of transmissions have occurred as a result of respiratory droplet spread through close person-to-person contacts.