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Philip, U.S. industrial hygienist, 1893-1972. See: Drinker respirator.
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The two last drinkers, instead of looking out at this window, kept up the fire.
A remnant of fraternal pity, which never abandons the heart of a drinker, prompted Phoebus to roll Jehan with his foot upon one of those pillows of the poor, which Providence keeps in readiness at the corner of all the street posts of Paris, and which the rich blight with the name of "a rubbish- heap." The captain adjusted Jehan's head upon an inclined plane of cabbage-stumps, and on the very instant, the scholar fell to snoring in a magnificent bass.
About 38 percent of Slovaks consider themselves to be beer drinkers more than wine drinkers (26 percent).
Department of Health and Human Services, even light drinkers, or those who have at least one drink per day, are exposed to significant cancer risks; so those who are considered binge drinkers are in greater danger.
The specimens were from the brains of 11 individuals who started drinking heavily before the age of 21 or early-onset drinkers; 11 individuals who started drinking seriously after the age of 21, known as late-onset drinkers; and 22 individuals with no history of alcohol use disorder.
HEAVIER drinkers are much more likely to be involved in violence if they have experienced trauma or adversity as a child, a new study has shown.
The government said that more than half of the estimated reduction in consumption would be accounted for by harmful drinkers and there would be minimal impact on moderate drinkers.
A CARDIFF off-licence has denied police claims it is "a magnet" for street drinkers who urinate in public and often become violent in a central city street.
Perhaps it's the association with James Bond that drives them, but Gin drinkers, according to the study, spend an average of $82.40 on Amazon while under the influence of their favourite Sloe.
Increased overall mortality and combined risk of cancer or death was seen for lifetime never or infrequent drinkers (less than one drink per week) as well as heavy (two to less than three drinks/day) and very heavy drinkers (three or more drinks/day), compared with lifetime light alcohol drinkers (one to three drinks/week).
SCOTLAND has the highest proportion of binge drinkers in the UK, according to official statistics.