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n a colloquial term for boring a hole into a tooth with a rotary cutting instrument during cavity preparation. See preparation, cavity.

Patient discussion about drilling

Q. What do you do when one gets an Asthma attack? like what is the drill and what steps i need to do in order to help him ?

A. First thing to do before you have an attack is to find out what your triggers are like smoke,cats,dogs,food,dust--get yourself a pulmonary dr.He will take test to find out what is causing your attacks-also drugs an alcohol can have effect on asthma--if you already have this, try your inhalor first,if it is not helping go to the emergency room at your hosp--mrfoot56.

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Macchiarelli's group regards these marks as products of prehistoric drilling tools.
Within a year, if they show mechanical inclination and a good conceptual understanding of diamond drilling, Seguin says they're into the $20/hour range as a certified driller with full benefits and bonuses, depending upon the company.
Wentworth Energy's subsidiary, Barnico Drilling, Inc.
The Soviets will soon resume drilling at Kola, aiming for a depth of 14 to 15 km, says Yevgeny A.
At Oooguruk, where Pioneer has a 70% interest, development drilling is expected to begin in late 2007 after facilities and equipment installation is completed.
If studies do reveal a large magma body at a shallow depth, a follow-up project calls for drilling a well into the magma itself.
5% interest and has the option to participate in drilling each prospect for all, or a portion, of its interest.
And earlier this year, two events indicated that the drilling crew had reached such a zone.
A seismic acquisition program there continues to help identify potential future drilling locations.
But drilling into volcanic rocks younger than a million years old has been very difficult.
As a result of the Company's successful and growing development drilling program in the play, net production from the Cotton Valley for the third quarter averaged 12.
The Atwood Southern Cross will begin the second phase of development of the South Akcakoca Sub-basin when it starts drilling later this month, and we will continue development drilling in France.