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1. Containing little or no moisture; not wet.
2. A colloquial term for dehydrated.
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Q. What Causes Dry Eyes? I have been suffering from eye dryness lately, what causes this situation?

A. Dry eyes are often caused when the lacrimal gland does not produce sufficient tears to keep the entire conjunctiva and cornea, that are normally covered by a complete layer of tear film. This usually occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. Increased age is associated with decreased tearing. if it causes you real discomfort talk to a doctor.

Q. what can i do about dry eyes?

A. i suggest treating it symptomatically with visine in the meantime

Q. My contact lenses get very dry and it hurts. any suggestions?

A. Dry contact may signal they should be replaced with new ones, and pain may result from damage to the lenses (e.g. torn lens- VERY VERY hurts). However, as much as I would like to help you, it's just impossible to give you the correct diagnosis over the net without even looking at your eyes. So if you feel any problems with your eyes, ophthalmologist (eye doctor would be the answer).

Meanwhile, you may read more here:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/eyewear.html

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