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In Great Britain, a surgical assistant whose primary duty is bandaging and dressing wounds.
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There is not only the herd, but the shearer and brander, and then the dresser, the curer, the dyer, the fuller, the webster, the merchant, and a score of others.
com/us/en/catalog/categories/series/07468/) Ikea Malm dresser .
And the sculptor of that statue, Brian Alabaster, also worked on the one honouring Mr Dresser.
Dresser, a retired psychologist who has helped organize Eugene's annual Earth Day celebration, was 77 at the time.
The piece of furniture came to be known as the Welsh Dresser not long after Charles II returned to Britain, not because it was made exclusively in the country but those that were crafted there were deemed to be superior to others in terms of quality and design.
La formula de Dresser y Volpi parece infalible: recoger las ideas de Stewart, adaptarlas a Mexico y, voila, exito seguro.
To meet today's market demands, Dresser has enhanced its strategic focus building integrated systems such as prefabricated measurement and regulation stations while employing a complete "one-stop" shopping alternative for piping system products from Dresser Piping Specialties.
To create your own custom bathroom vanity, make sure your dresser is at least 18 inches deep and 24 inches wide in order to accept a small (16-inch) vanity sink.
Working from her current post at the New Orleans-based Audubon Nature Institute, home of the Audubon Zoo, and her former post at the Cincinnati Zoo's endangered species research center, Dresser has produced the world's first test-tube gorilla.
The dresser, which is manufactured using a patented process developed by M Kaiser, Diamant Werkzeuge, Germany, allows the use of vitrified bonded wheels in precision profile grinding as an alternative to precision plated products, which have a shorter life.
Dresser says she also plans to try another species, and then another genus, of exotic cat.