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In Great Britain, a surgical assistant whose primary duty is bandaging and dressing wounds.
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The dresser went round the room, pulling out looking-glasses and pushing them in again, his dingy dark coat and trousers looking all the more dismal since he was still holding the festive fairy spear of King Oberon.
There is not only the herd, but the shearer and brander, and then the dresser, the curer, the dyer, the fuller, the webster, the merchant, and a score of others."
Outstanding Costume Design: Bonsai Cielo, 'Coriolano' (TP); Tata Tuviera, 'The Dresser' (Rep)
South Shore Furniture is offering a full refund with free pick-up of the dresser. Consumers may also receive a free tip-over restraint kit with one-time free home installation of the kit.
REP's production of "The Dresser" will star none other than legendary veterans Audie Gemora and Teroy Guzman.
Established in 1879 on the site of the failed Sun Brick Works in Linthorpe village, the pottery was Dresser's answer to the crippling unemployment in the post-industrial North Yorkshire town on the south bank of the River Tees.
The business operations and related clients of Talamona, Dresser Italia S.r.l.
20 July 2018 - US-based private equity investment firm First Reserve has agreed to purchase US-based natural gas meters and pipeline repair products manufacturing Dresser Natural Gas Solutions from GE's (NYSE: GE) Baker Hughes business, the firm said.
At least eight children under the age of three have been killed when an Ikea dresser fell on them, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
But at an emotional ceremony attended by hundreds in the gardens of the Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough, his grandson Brian Dresser gave a moving speech highlighting Mr Dresser's courage as a statue to him was unveiled.
The video shows the boys trying to climb over the dresser until it falls down on top of them.
Dresser, a retired psychologist who has helped organize Eugene's annual Earth Day celebration, was 77 at the time.