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To apply medication, bandages, or other therapeutic materials to an area of the body such as a wound.
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verb To apply protective and/or absorptive materials to a wound; as “To dress a wound.”
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clinical etiquette

Professional comportment Medical practice The components of medical practice which, in addition to ethics and competence, define what it is to be a physician
Clinical etiquette
Bedside manner Avoid easy familiarity, be attentive of Pts needs, do not eat on rounds
Dress Conservative & appropriate
Grooming Clean, neat, unobtrusive
Language Respectful, at level of audience, non-use of vulgar vernacular or demeaning appellations, discretion regarding others' condition (JAMA 1988; 260:2559)  
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drug rash with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms



A potentially fatal allergic reaction to an administered drug in which a nonblistering skin eruption is accompanied by fever, markedly elevated serum eosinophil levels, and, often, bone marrow, kidney or liver injury. Common causes include allopurinol, and anticonvulsant drugs (such as carbamazepine and phenytoin). Synonym: drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome
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Patient discussion about dress

Q. Why does it hurt so bad to move or even get dressed because of the fibrmyalgia? Some days I can't even move to get out of bed because I hurt so bad. Other days I hurt so bad that even trying to wear clothes hurts.

A. Hi! I saw your question and wanted to tell you that you need to try to move around a little. The more you sleep or lay around the worse it gets. You have to find your own way of moving and not moving. Walking is the best thing or swimming. Just moving around is good too depeending on pain level. Do too much or too little keeps you in pain. Moving around brings the pain down. Also, pain relievers help. Motrin or any NSAID will affect your kidneys and liver. But pain reliever is better.

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Here are some of the Twitter reactions to the MET Gala worst and wackiest dressed celebrities:
Bardock and McAndrew (1985) found that physically attractive and appropriately dressed individuals were more likely to be hired than unattractive and inappropriately dressed individuals, while Lennon (1990) found that individuals who were attractively dressed were judged to be more competent, sociable, and more desirable to work with than those who were unattractively dressed.
Howardina Pindell's video Free White and 21, 1980, features the African-American artist in debate with herself dressed as a stereotypical, effete Jewess.
But what can you wear and how can you get dressed when your hands are numb, or your legs are in braces, or you're too fatigued to manage even the simplest of tasks?
For many men, getting dressed for work isn't as discretionary.
Suggestions for fundraising events include bagging shopping at a supermarket dressed in your frock, holding a wedding dress charity ball, or wearing your frock to work for the day.
"Women got tired of standing back," says Native American dance educator and elder Louis Mofsie (Hopi/Winnebago), "so they developed this dance to say 'Look, we can dance as well as the men, maybe even a little better.'" Eager to share the arena with these newly assertive dancers, he continues, "As long as she has that shawl, a woman is considered properly dressed for any of the festivities."