Dream Team

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Medspeak Any group of people in the same field of endeavor—e.g., research—who are regarded as being the top in their respective areas of expertise and who, when their talents are pooled in an activity, would be expected to achieve synergistic results that can only be ‘dreamed’ about
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Vote for the players you think should be included in the Dream Team and you could win a signed pair of goalie gloves or a signed MFC shirt.
Beckham's former PA will be seen on Dream Team in February next year.
But the very real challenge is one the original Dream Team would never recognize.
Timed to coincide with the build up to Euro 2004 in Portugal, consumers will be offered the chance to win a day in the company of a Dream Team player.
And look at the scores by which the Dream Team won the gold in 1992: 116-48, 103-70, 111-68, 127-83, 122-81, 115-77, 122-76, and 117-85.
Here are my personal picks and the Dream Team which would emerge from them if I was the sole selector
Developed with the help of a pediatrician, Dream Team Pets empower kids as they reward their Pet with stickers and a certificate for a good night's sleep.
The truth is likely that even if a team was put together now that formed a stronger unit than coach Chuck Daly's fabled squad, they could not dominate an Olympic tournament like the Dream Team did.
Dream Team debate has been a lively comparison, with Kobe Bryant saying this year's team could beat the Dream Team and Dream Team members laughing off the claims.
MANChESTER United boss Sir Alex Ferguson will coach Edwin van der Sar's Dream Team at the goalkeeper's farewell testimonial in Amsterdam on August 3.
When lightning ended play in the challenge match between the league golfers of the North Durham Union and The Journal Dream Team at Durham City, event organiser Richard Hannam used his initiative.
OLYMPIC cycling guru David Brailsford is taking on Tour de France legend Lance Armstrong - by forming a British road racing dream team.