dream associations

dream as·so·ci·a·tions

the memories and emotions mentioned by a patient trying to understand a dream at the request of a psychoanalyst.
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Furthermore, Ogden (1996), from an intersubjective psychoanalytic position, promotes the use of dream associations and argues that 'in the absence of the patient's associations, the analyst is left interpreting only manifest dream content, thus engaging in a superficial (and probably largely inaccurate) form of interpretation' (p.
Even the roughest, potentially most alienating elements of Blue Velvet-- the abrupt shifts of tone, the awkward dialogue, the primitive, almost childlike elisions in plot and character development --work for Lynch here, as they didn't in the failed science-fiction spectacle of Dune, because they're all his: his dream associations, picked up from the flotsam of 1950s and 1960s pop culture, and carried along on a relentless undertow of obsession, a somnambulist's rhythm.