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(informal) a vague sensation of muscle tension.

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Q. What about Vitamins? are they any benefits i can draw out of it that would be helpful for an allergy cases?

A. Nothing that I know about. Vitamins are essential to the normal functions of our body, but supplements of vitamins, aside from states of deficiency, generally haven't been shown to provide any benefit. Anyway, it's only general knowledge - if you have any specific question, you may want to be checked by a professional (e.g. a doctor)

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Q. I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had my NT scan and blood draw today. Iam using my Hubby user name here.I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had my NT scan and blood draw today. I doubt whether I am in a risky state because I read in medical journal that women with certain amount of risk go for second trimester screening and not healthy pregnant women. Is it so? Please clarify?

A. There's something called an integrated sequential screening. You have the NT scan and blood draw in your first trimester, and then go back for an additional blood draw in your second trimester. They then calculate a unified result and present the results in the second trimester. Several other sources mentioned that often a high risk based on the NT scan and the first blood draw will prompt a diagnostic test. Yes, women with low or acceptable risk go on for the second trimester screening.

Q. How do I draw the line between social drinking and alcoholism? Your answer will help my wife too. I had many dreams before marriage to be a good husband. Now since I am married, I am not able to convince her that my social drinking is almost nil. But my wife gets very paranoid about whether I will become addicted to alcohol. I have never gone beyond the limit. How do I draw the line between social drinking and alcoholism? Your answer will help my wife too.

A. hello,,if your drinking bothers your wife,why not stop?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MRFOOT56

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Monsieur Thuran, for reasons of his own, preferred to draw first if the drawing should happen to require a second adventure beneath the coat.
It was made a great favour of; and altogether it was more than I could bear; and so I never would finish it, to have it apologised over as an unfavourable likeness, to every morning visitor in Brunswick Square;and, as I said, I did then forswear ever drawing any body again.
But as she wanted to be drawing, the declaration must wait a little longer.
The poor duke swore, fell into a rage, yelled, and declared that they wished to starve him to death as they had starved the Marechal Ornano and the Grand Prior of Vendome; but he refused to promise that he would not make any more drawings and remained without any fire in the room all the winter.
Allow me to retire--and let me thank you for the trouble you took to save my drawing.
She resented it by drawing her own conclusion from what he had said of the ladies and the musk deer.
With each word the angry pencil made a mark, and in a moment the drawing upon which Fanny Price had spent so much time and eager trouble was unrecognisable, a confusion of lines and smudges.
The pretty colour of the first, the affected drawing of the second, had entirely satisfied his aesthetic sensibilities.
On this occasion they wandered to the album, and toyed absently about the margin of the little water-colour drawing.
She stopped; her colour heightened, and the fingers of the hand that rested upon the album beat gently on the margin of the drawing, as if her memory had set them going mechanically with the remembrance of a favourite tune.
In drawing them in he again felt a great weight, so that he thought they were full of fish.
Anna Pavlovna greeted him with the nod she accorded to the lowest hierarchy in her drawing room.