drawer tests

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drawer tests (signs)

either of two tests for integrity of the cruciate ligament of the knee: the knee is flexed to a 90° angle; at the femorotibial junction, if the tibia can be drawn too far forward (anterior drawer test) there is rupture of the anterior ligaments and if it can be drawn too far back (posterior drawer test) there is rupture of the posterior ligaments.
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The knee joints were still swollen, and the endpoint by manual posterior drawer test was not detected.
Baseline measurements included foot posture assessment (using FPI-6), foot characteristics (length, width and length to width ratio), generalized joint laxity (using Beighton and Horan score), lateral ankle ligaments laxity (measured by anterior drawer test and talar tilt test), static and semidynamic balance (measured by single-leg balance test and star excursion balance test), and goniometric measurement of ankle plantarflexion, ankle dorsiflexion and first metatarsophalangeal dorsiflexion.
Stress radiographs during anterior drawer test showed no difference between the right and left knees (Figures 3(a) and 3(c)).