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dram (dr),

A unit of weight: 1/8 oz.; 60 gr, apothecaries' weight; 1/16 oz., avoirdupois weight.
Synonym(s): drachm
[see drachm]
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(dr) (dram)
A unit of weight: 1/8 oz.; 60 gr., apothecaries' weight; 1/16 oz., avoirdupois weight.
Synonym(s): drachm.
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Adur, or holy fire, is identified as the son of Ahura Mazda in the Avesta, and appears as an anthropomorphic image on late-Sasanian silver drachms, encircled by a very similar halo of fire.
m draCHM phleGM psaLM caLMEd MaMMal priMAry liMB boMBE gaME mesdaMES family prograMME feMMES [fatale] hyMN meMOrable madeMOiselle daMNEdest proMPt TMesis
The majority of the hoard is composed of silver Hellenistic tetradrachms and drachms of royal issues, with the rest consisting of Alexander-type coins issued by the Seleucid kingdom and a few other issues.
The search for the ideal composition has continued ever since, starting with Thomas Latta's recipe of 'two drachms of muriate, and two scruples of carbonate of soda, to sixty ounces of water' in 1832.
Plato's wealth (as ennumerated by his Last Will and Testament preserved by Diogenes Laertius (4th century B.C.): two parcels of land, four slaves, and eight mins (or 800 drachms, an equivalent of $160).
In the parlance of antiquities experts, the coin's denomination is referred to as a "mnaieion," meaning a one-mina coin, and is equivalent to 100 silver drachms, or a mina of silver.
Dean translates the same passage, but recites that Hahnemann took only three drachms, not four.
Two or three drachms of chloroform were spilt freely upon a folded handkerchief or pad of lint that was held over the patient's face.
What wonder that the stars and stripes wave over doses of ninety grains sulphate of quinine, and that the American eagle screams with delight to see three drachms of calomel given at a single mouthful?(17) Identifying traditional therapeutics with an anti-intellectual tendency to violence, Holmes's satire reveals one aspect of the gender dynamic informing the medical debate he has joined to turn on the issue of medicine's gendered identity.