Betula pubescens

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Betula pubescens,

n See birch.
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At each site, samples of current annual shoots from Scots pine, downy birch, and Norway spruce were clipped after the growing season (3 September-2 October 2013).
In addition, the interaction between distance to feeding station and an accumulated browsing index was included for Scots pine and downy birch to test if the effect of feeding station differed from the effect of previous browsing; Norway spruce was not included because it was only browsed at feeding stations.
For downy birch and Norway spruce, shoot dry weight and length increased from feeding stations to FAR plots 49% and 56%, and 34% and 67%, respectively.
Accumulated browsing of downy birch declined slightly with increasing distance from feeding stations, whereas, it was high at all distance categories in Scots pine (Fig.
Browsing on downy birch and Scots pine was high at all distance categories as the accumulated browsing index was 2-3 on >70% of trees.
Downy birch was uncommon and spruce was not browsed.
5385 Downy birch 2441 [+ or -] 626 1898 [+ or -] 238 2.