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Military medicine
adjective Capable of moving or being moved from place to place and designed to operate tactically in that manner.

Vox populi-UK
noun Cell phone.


Abbreviation for:
More Patency With Beta Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis in the Lower Extremity
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Worse, those Baby Boomers will soon be retiring instead, and any benefits they receive will come at the direct expense of the comparatively small and downwardly mobile generations that follow.
AS the insanely repetitive blind auditions finally reached the end of the swivel-chair road, The Voice killed off the last desperate remnants of two downwardly mobile pop careers.
Ponderously paranormal film, which Fox withheld from critics for good reason, suggests a violent variant of the studio's megahit "Night at the Museum": Protag is a downwardly mobile nightwatchman whose estranged family initially doubts that his workplace-slash-funhouse comes alive after dark.
While much of the conservative agenda works to divide and conquer, fighting the assault on democratic education can open up progressive ranks to downwardly mobile middle-class families along with immigrants, blacks and other embattled constituencies.
ANOTHER big week for downwardly mobile Mercedes, the shameless bed - hopper whose low life is getting lower.
She vents her bitterness about her downwardly mobile marriage of 45 years, but vindication is just around the corner.
THE Duchess of Kent looks downwardly mobile as she clutches a phone to her ear in the street - wearing flared jeans, trainers and a cotton shirt.
Frances, a conservatory-educated waitress in an airport diner and the mother of bright twin girls, lives of course above a bakery and has been downwardly mobile ever since a shameful violence done to her.
No wonder this downwardly mobile series haemorrhaged more than three million viewers in just five days.
Moving against the grain of pies like "Hustle & Flow" or "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," core characters in "Rollin" are downwardly mobile, not up.
But when the two twentysomething Londoners collide with Malory Cinnamon - Flox's glamorous ex and Hollywood has-been - in the last-chance saloon, their downwardly mobile lives take an upturn.