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douches, water-based solutions intended for use on the skin or in a body cavity, sometimes containing herbal decoctions.
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Percentage of women using feminine hygiene products by race/ethnicity black Latina white douches 33-58% 9-36% 14-27% wipes 16% 12-18% 8% sprays 16% 3-5% 3% powders 12% 1-2% 1% Surveys conducted in the 1990s-2000s gave a sense not only of how commonly some products are used but also how widely use can vary across racial/ethnic groups.
Effects of Corrosive Mercuric Chloride ("Bichloride") Douches," Journal of the American Medical Association 99 (6 August 1932): 497.
7) Manufacturers sold a wide array of items, including vaginal jellies, douche powders and liquids, suppositories, and foaming tablets as "feminine hygiene," an innocuous-sounding term coined by advertisers in the 1920s.
The commercial douche was the favored contraceptive not only of middle-class women, who still made up a majority of birth control users, but of contracepting women of all economic classes.
But critics reserved their harshest comments for the most popular, affordable, and least reliable contraceptive of the day, the antiseptic douche.
Approximately 29% of adult women in the United States use douches that they purchase without a prescription at the pharmacy.
We believe that MipHil will give women an effective and safe way to eliminate vaginal odor and provide them with an attractive alternative to douches.
L'embellissement des facades, des trottoirs, des places publiques, l'eclairage, le nettoyage des plages, plantation de palmiers ainsi que l'installation de douches et de sanitaires font partie des operations mises en branle.
In addition to disposable douches, NutraMax is the leading private label manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-use enemas, baby bottle liners, and pediatric electrolyte oral maintenance solutions for the store brand market.
With over 90 percent of the private label disposable douche market, this addition to our product line will allow us to give our retail customers a full line of products in these categories.
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