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n a hypnotic technique in which conflicting messages are communicated to the patient at the same time.
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Valente's reading of the Dubliners story "Counterparts" reinforces not only the double-bind, but the way that it passes from father to son on a crest of self-subverting violence.
In Kangaroo, however, we see a specific type of doubling affecting the discourse of masculinity: the colonial double-bind that Joseph Valente describes.
This daddy double-bind makes it incredibly difficult for men to shift their traditional role and thus perpetuates gender inequality at all socioeconomic levels.
So a strange mood has developed, something of a double-bind, where the architect and society both have misgivings about the iconic building but cannot help producing it, in ever greater numbers and in ever weirder forms.
The approvable letter was issued the month after publication of data from a phase III clinical trial on tetrabenazine in what the authors said was the first multicenter, prospective, double-bind, placebo-controlled dose-finding study of tetrabenazine for treating chorea in HD.
Stephens marvelously teases out the double-bind witchcraft theorists found themselves in: aware that contact with demons was morally wrong, they nevertheless craved contact in order to reassure themselves that demons were real; insisting on the reality of demons, they also had to rigorously repress their own doubts.
By metacommunicating, a person steps outside the double-bind frame and describes the dilemma.
It also diverts our attention from the real double-bind that distorts the face of higher education in America.
The Conclusion, a critique of Adorno's too neatly consecutive view of Baudelaire and Celan as non-auratic poets, brings to a close a comparative exploration which, if a touch beset by the habits of double-bind argumentation, provid es the reader with a wealth of penetrating insights.
Within the system, I will examine how double-bind situations happen when sexual harassment is practiced in discourses in Japan.
that is, statements that often confuse and frustrate organizational members because they create and sustain seemingly inescapable, lose-lose, double-bind situations" (pp.
How unhealthy this psychological double-bind must be.