Double Standard

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Any socially tolerated inequality in salary, norms, and attitudes between men and women
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'We oppose the double standards of NAB in regards to arrest of Sharjeel Memon,' he said, while speaking in Sindh Assembly here on Wednesday after passage of resolution in favor of Memon.
As most of the UN members have been exposed for pursuing double standard, the position that Saudi Arabia has taken is in my view stands out, which should be welcomed by all the countries.
(6.) "Hypocrisy and Double Standard (Im)Morality Won the Day in the Bundestag," Simon Wiesenthal Center, July 1, 2010, apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=LSKWLbPJLnF&b=4441467&ct=8493313.
sanctions imposed over Tehran's controversial nuclear program, saying they show world powers are applying a double standard, according to AP.
Valenti author of Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman's Guide to Why Feminism Matters and executive editor of the blog site brings her formidable background in women's studies and activism to the issue but admits early on that it wasn't her work in nonprofits like Planned Parenthood that prompted her fascination with the double standard.
They cannot and this sets up the real "double standard."
Shouldn't we complain about being made to meet a double standard?
An example of this phenomenon is the double standard that Marion Cousins faces when he's asked to recruit black executives.
The fact that international aid efforts refuse to allow the use of DDT is also a colossal double standard. In the developed world, malaria was eradicated almost entirely through the use of DDT.
government's double standard in its treatment of noncitizens since 9/11.
In the academy the double standard toward women and people of color now applies to Jews and often is enforced by those once-insurgent and now established women and persons of color.
It's also time to correct the double standard that exists in Ontario today where beer retailers shoulder the cost of a deposit return system but Ontario's monopoly liquor retailer does not."