double minute chromosomes

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dou·ble min·ute chro·mo·somes

paired, extrachromosomal elements lacking centromeres, often associated with a drug resistance gene.
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Several other drugs, adds Wahl, have a similar impact on laboratory-grown cells that contain double minute chromosomes.
How does hydroxyurea, at concentrations much lower than those given to cancer patients, eliminate double minute chromosomes from laboratory-grown cells?
In the absence of a chemotherapy drug, double minute chromosomes containing resistance genes are a burden to cancer cells grown in a test tube, notes Snapka, now at Ohio State University in Columbus.
Hydroxyurea, Snapka contends, somehow exaggerates the growth disadvantage of cells with double minute chromosomes.
Wahl has been pursuing a different explanation for hydroxyurea's skill at eliminating double minute chromosomes.
In the March 23 Journal of Cell Biology, Wahl, Noriaki Shimizu of Hiroshima University in Japan, and their colleagues report that the removal of double minute chromosomes occurs through a novel variation of a process called micronucleation.
Wahl's group has found that double minute chromosomes are incorporated into micronuclei but that the process occurs inside the cell's nucleus.
Wahl and his colleagues have recently developed a colorful new tool that allows them to look at double minute chromosomes in living cancer cells.
You can even see little chromosome fragments, such as double minute chromosomes," says Wahl.
Although the investigators believe that the histone-GFP protein offers an excellent way to study overall chromosomal dynamics, including how DNA moves in a dividing cell, they have concentrated their initial efforts on double minute chromosomes.
Any drug discovered in such a test should affect cancer cells regardless of whether their double minute chromosomes contain oncogenes, drug resistance genes, or some other type of genes.