Double Dipping

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Research A popular term for the use of 2 or more grants or sources of funding for the same or similar research by the same groups of investigators

Vox populi Dipping a single foodstuff in a bowl of dip again after having taken a bite, resulting in the spread of germs
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We focus this study on certified staff because most double dippers come from this category of employees as it requires the highest level of skill sets and thus absent skill sets when these school district professionals retire.
Marriott affirmed the importance of correcting the civil service condition and ending the double dippers, stressing the UK readiness to provide the necessary aid to develop civil service in Yemen.
These double dippers had turned a system meant to provide security in retirement to one that minted millionaires once they turned 55.
With "Double Dippers", Tops Foods offers a compact solution which holds all elements ill a presentable ready-to-serve tray.
The three year project is estimated to cost around US$9.8 million and aims to address the general structure of the public service in Yemen as well as the issue of ghost workers and double dippers.
The double dippers - those who believe that the economy could yet turn down again - are not going away any time soon.
The Laughing Cow has launched Cheez Double Dippers, a cheese snack with an innovative double dip.