Double Dipping

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Research A popular term for the use of 2 or more grants or sources of funding for the same or similar research by the same groups of investigators

Vox populi Dipping a single foodstuff in a bowl of dip again after having taken a bite, resulting in the spread of germs
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Marriott affirmed the importance of correcting the civil service condition and ending the double dippers, stressing the UK readiness to provide the necessary aid to develop civil service in Yemen.
The project will establish a web-based public sector biometric central database, consolidating all public human resources databases and all public sector staff data and eliminate double dippers and ghost workers from the public sector.
The 3-year project is intended to deal with the issue of ghost workers and so-called double dippers workers who are who are registered twice on the payroll.
On the Biometric Fingerprint System, the main objective is to remove double dippers and ghost workers from the Yemeni civil service, military and security.