double blind

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 [tri´al, trīl]
a test or experiment.
clinical trial an experiment performed on human beings in order to evaluate the comparative efficacy of two or more therapies. See also single blind, double blind, and triple blind.
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double blind

A testing procedure designed to avoid biased results by ensuring that at the time of the test neither the administrators nor the subjects know which subjects are receiving a test treatment and which belong to a control group.

dou′ble-blind′ adj.
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The companies said this randomised, double blind, active-controlled Phase 3 trial is part of the registration programme for CAM2038, which are medications designed for long-acting weekly and monthly administration.
Double blind has been used as a whipping post for those of us who use natural medicine because so much of what we do is based on clinical evidence.
I am convinced the double blinds provide no advantage in testing drugs, and we may have been better off it that methodology had never been borrowed from the study of plants and herds of animals.
In the double blind placebo controlled study, 709 cases of COPD patients were divided into Mucodyne administration group and a placebo group observed for a year for research on frequency of chronic disease, QOL, and respiratory functions.
During the subsequent double blind phase, a further, statistically significant decrease of 44% was seen in the isoflavones group whereas no further reduction occurred within the placebo group.
Clinical trial of adjunctive celecoxib treatment in patients with major depression: a double blind and placebo controlled trial.
Design: Randomized, double blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled trial
The students, all regular coffee drinkers, were given grapefruit juice with or without caffeine during two different medical school exams in a double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized crossover trial.