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(dŭb′l) [L. duplus, twofold]
Duplicate, or combining two qualities.

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Q. what is the cause for double vision

A. Double vision, or diplopia, as it's called, may be due to many conditions, including disorders of the muscles of the eye (extra-ocular muscles) and the nerves controlling them, disorders of the eye ball (enlarged eyeball as in Graves' ), and sometimes disorders of vision.

Diplopia may manifest important conditions, so consulting a doctor (e.g. neurologist or ophthalmologist) may be wise.

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Q. I have fibromyalgia and am having terrible vision problems...double, blurred, feel off blance.Is this common?

A. Blurry vision is not a usual symptom in fibromyalgia. If you are experiencing this on a permenant basis you should see a doctor- either a neurologist or an ophthalmologist to rule out other vision conditions that might be causing this.

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Popov later claimed that Jebsen, an Anglophile with a dislike for Nazism, was aware from the beginning that Popov planned to operate as a double agent. Id.
Justice Jawwad remarked " if this man was double agent then intelligence agencies should have a lot of information about him.
He was the first one of these double agents and so the system was based around him.
Saudi intelligence likely had the lead role in disrupting the conspiracy, possibly providing the double agent, former US officials said.
ISLAMABAD, January 09, 2010 (Balochistan Times ): A private TV channel showed on Saturday what it says was the double agent who killed CIA agents in Afghanistan with Pakistan Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud.
<![CDATA[ A Jordanian spy sent to Afghanistan to search out top Al Qaeda leaders turned double agent and murdered 7 CIA men and 1 Jordanian.]]>
The Jordanian intelligence services, believing the bomber to be their double agent, took him to eastern Afghanistan with the mission of finding Al-Qaeda number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the websites and Western intelligence agents cited by U.S.
The question, of course, is whether Volk's father really defected or was a double agent. Volk never knew his father, and part of his quest is to discover the truth about his father as well as his efforts to uncover the reason for the death of the filmmaker.
Ryan Phillippe is an FBI rookie charged with exposing double agent Chris Cooper.
One of the riskiest jobs for a spy is being a double agent.