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A cloned pig which has not, to date, suffered any of the usual complications of cloning, many of which are related to a compromised immune system
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Dot-com entrepreneurs have a decade of exposure to all things Internet, web and technology, which makes them smarter and more-informed Internet business minds.
This new database represented the universe of dot-com names.
He attributes the downfall of many early companies to a combination of two things--a lack of understanding of how different the insurance market is from other financial services, and the Internet hype and dot-com boom that led people to spend too much money on the wrong things.
Before the dot-com era, venture capitalists would take a technology risk, but never a market risk.
Invented by a former dot-com engineer, players of Burn Rate struggle to keep a dot-com start-up afloat as bad business pours in and the money runs out.
"Dot-com entrepreneurs today should go back to basics," Romeo said.
"I had thousands of emails from dot-com employees informing me of the goings on in their companies," writes Kaplan.
"I do think that Capacitor appeals to the Web-savvy, dot-com, Burning Man audience member.
ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO, A journalist I know interviewed the five founders of a new dot-com for an article in a prominent business magazine.
When I had previously covered Sundance, during the dot-com boom of early 2000, it looked as if the future of film was off-screen and on-line.
"Our institutions of higher education are the ultimate long-term investment," Insana advised, "but that doesn't mean that a college or university should put itself in an inferior position by being too conservative, and hanging onto the minority of lower-return investments." On the other hand, said the analyst, "you don't want to swing for the fences." He cautioned that schools must drop the 20-percent-rate-of-return mindset that was prevalent during the dot-com boom: "That just isn't a normal rate of return." Endowment managers, he said, must now accept that when it comes to the market, "the abnormal has become normal.