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dose equivalent (DE)

a quantity used in radiation-safety work that expresses the amount of radiation dose and the physical damage that it may produce. It is the product of the dose (in rad or gray) and a quality factor specific to the type and energy of the radiation delivering that dose. The unit of dose equivalent is the sievert (Sv) or the rem.

dose e·quiv·a·lent

(dōs ē-kwiv'ă-lĕnt)
In radiation therapy, product of absorbed dose and the quality factor; the SI unit of dose equivalent is sievert (Sv).

dose equivalent

In radiology, the product of the absorbed dose and the quality factor. Expressed in rems or sieverts, it measures the effects of absorbing different types of radiation. See: quality factor
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Comparing the data for the three sub-environments, we find that the highest dose equivalent of 1.
The industrial environment of the state has the highest dose equivalent in the state.
Because urine samples were variable and uncorrelated between sampling periods, we present the women's estimated minimum and maximum single-day cumulative dose equivalents in addition to their average cumulative dose equivalent (Figure 2).
Cumulative dose equivalents calculated from volume-adjusted data were highly correlated with creatinine-adjusted estimates ([R.
8% of estimated cumulative dose equivalents exceeded the index chemical's BM[D.
The geometric mean of the estimated cumulative dose equivalents for this group (22.
We calculated MOEs for the estimated minimum, average, and maximum single-day cumulative dose equivalents.
Based on 5,000 simulations, the estimated average cumulative chlorpyrifos dose equivalents ranged from 0.
We found that average cumulative dose equivalents for 14.
Method 2 estimated average cumulative OP pesticide dose equivalents (a) ([micro]g/kg/day) for 446 pregnant women with chlorpyrifos as index chemical.