dorsum of foot

dor·sum of foot

the back, or upper surface, of the foot.
Synonym(s): dorsum pedis [TA]
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glycosaminoglycan's expression with thickened skin in pretibial region and dorsum of foot.
Computed tomography is suggestive of a large well-defined, round-to-oval, fibrocystic multiloculated lesion over dorsum of foot involving subcutaneous plane with multiple septations within it measuring 11.
planter aspect of first toe, head of first, third and fifth metatarsals, heel and dorsum of foot, avoiding callosities, corns and ulcers, for touch and tuning fork for vibration sense.
ABSTRACT: A 55-year-old male, non-diabetic, sustained severe electric current injury as evidenced by the grievous exit wound on the left dorsum of foot as well as entry wound in both palms.
S41: JIE XI, on the midpoint of dorsum of foot between the tendons of the second and third toes, affect all muscles and tendons of the lower extremities, fever, headaches and low back pain.
It includes 40 patients having soft tissue defects of distal third leg, heel, dorsum of foot and chronic ulcers.
of Single Multiple Patients Ulcer Ulcer MALE 27 23 4 FEMALE 13 11 2 TOTAL 40 34 6 Table 4: Ulcer Location, Number and Sex Distribution LOCATION OF ULCER/SITE TOTAL TOES 16 MALLEOLUS 6 DORSUM OF FOOT 8 HEEL 5 METATARSAL JOINT 9 LATERAL ASPECT OF FOOT 2 Table 5: Blood Sugar Levels FASTING BLOOD SUGAR No.
On physical examination, these lesions were gelatinous, symmetric involving anterior, lateral and medial aspects of both the leg extending up-to mid-thigh and dorsum of foot.
Lipomas of foot are rare accounting for 3-4% of tumors of foot, (3) mostly seen on dorsum of foot and ankle.
It commences from dorsum of foot, passes in front of medial malleolus straight up to posteromedial aspect of the knee joint, one hand breadth posterior to patella and then up to the fossa ovalis or saphenous opening (4 cm below and lateral to pubic tubercle) where it enters the femoral vein.
of Patients Heel 19 Ball of great toe 18 Dorsum of foot 15 Inter-digital cleft 13 Lower 1/3rd foor 9 medial malleoli 3 Layteral malleoli 1
The most common site of lesion was dorsum of foot (51%) followed by plantar aspects of toes and metatarsal heads (38%), while the least common site was heel (3%) (Figure 1).