dorsum of foot

dor·sum of foot

the back, or upper surface, of the foot.
Synonym(s): dorsum pedis [TA]
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Most common site of lesion was dorsum of foot accounting for 38% followed by toes accounting for 28%.
The measurements were conducted at the dorsum of foot and hand of the same side.
All the measurements were performed on this 9-10 mm of healthy skin area between the lesion and the surgical margin and classified according to the six different parts of the body (scalp, abdomen, back, dorsum of foot, dorsum of hand, and the breast) and according to gender.
glycosaminoglycan's expression with thickened skin in pretibial region and dorsum of foot. Talking about the symptoms of TED he mentioned change in the appearance of the eyes i.e.
The joint angle of the ankle was measured by an electronic goniometer (model XM110; Penny & Giles Biometrics, Ltd.; Gwent, United Kingdom) attached in the sagittal plane between the anterior tibia and the dorsum of foot. The surface EMG signal was amplified by an amplifier with a gain of 2,000, filtered by a 10-400 Hz band-pass analog filter (EMG100C, BIOPAC Systems Inc., Goleta, CA, USA).
In the PDF file, bookmarks were established to exhibit the groups of foot muscles, the anterior, posterior and lateral regions of leg, the dorsum of foot, and the first, second, third, fourth layers of sole (Table I).
Caption: Figure 1 Mass at dorsum of foot. View this figure in color at http://dx.doi.
planter aspect of first toe, head of first, third and fifth metatarsals, heel and dorsum of foot, avoiding callosities, corns and ulcers, for touch and tuning fork for vibration sense.
ABSTRACT: A 55-year-old male, non-diabetic, sustained severe electric current injury as evidenced by the grievous exit wound on the left dorsum of foot as well as entry wound in both palms.
S41: JIE XI, on the midpoint of dorsum of foot between the tendons of the second and third toes, affect all muscles and tendons of the lower extremities, fever, headaches and low back pain.
Computed tomography is suggestive of a large well-defined, round-to-oval, fibrocystic multiloculated lesion over dorsum of foot involving subcutaneous plane with multiple septations within it measuring 11.5 x 7.8 x 5.0 cm.
It includes 40 patients having soft tissue defects of distal third leg, heel, dorsum of foot and chronic ulcers.