dorsalis pedis artery

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dor·sa·lis pe·dis ar·ter·y

continuation of anterior tibial artery distal to the ankle joint; branches, lateral tarsal, arcuate, first dorsal metatarsal; anastomoses, with the lateral plantar via the deep plantar artery.

dorsalis pedis artery

the continuation of the anterior tibial artery, starting at the ankle joint, dividing into five branches, and supplying various muscles of the foot and toes. Its branches are the lateral tarsal, medial tarsal, arcuate, first dorsal metatarsal, and deep plantar.

dor·sa·lis pe·dis ar·te·ry

(dor-sā'lis ped'is ahr'tĕr-ē) [TA]
Continuation of anterior tibial artery after crossing ankle; branches, lateral tarsal, arcuate, dorsal metatarsal; anastomosis, lateral plantar, forms the plantar arch.

dorsalis pedis artery

continuation of anterior tibial artery extending from anterior ankle area (lying adjacent to the deep peroneal nerve, deep to inferior extensor retinaculum) to dorsum of foot adjacent to extensor hallucis brevis tendon and proximal part of first intermetatarsal space, where it divides, forming arcuate and first dorsal metatarsal arteries
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ABI was calculated by this formula: ABI = (maximum systolic pressure of dorsalis pedis artery or tibialis posterior) / (maximum systolic pressure of brachial artery).
On Arterial Colour Doppler of both lower limbs, the left anterior tibial, posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis artery showed sluggish colour flow and obstructive graph pattern.
Careful examination must be carried out to rule out compression or laceration of the dorsalis pedis artery.
Left femoral & popliteal arteries were weakly palpable and left dorsalis pedis artery was not palpable at all.