dorsal surface

dor·sal sur·face

the dorsal surface of a structure (for example, sacrum, fingers, or toes).
Synonym(s): facies dorsalis [TA]
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The following characters are just stressed here by us because of their peculiarities, but we remark, that they are most probably diagnostic on genus level: 1) The male scent patch covered by hairs seems to be characteristic as it is situated in the discal cell of the hind wing dorsal surface (Figs.
As unifacial points are typically reduced on the dorsal surface only, they reasoned that unifacial and bifacial points must be separate, as each entails a distinctive and mutually exclusive reduction sequence.
Scales began to form at around 15 mm on the caudal peduncle region and progressed forward along the ventral and lateral surfaces towards the dorsal surface. None of the individuals examined had the enlarged and fringed median scales preceding the dorsal fin, which are an adult characteristic of the genus Brevoortia.
Carapace in males with inverted, dark, triangular patch of melanophores on dorsal surface of both left and right alae (much more apparent at lower magnifications) as well as scattered melanophores on alae and diffuse pigment scattered on cephalic region.
However, flexible fiberoptic nasopharyngoscopy with an Olympus ENF-P4 scope detected a lesion on the dorsal surface of the soft palate.
In brief, the toadfish is anesthetized and immobilized (pancuronium bromide injection and lidocaine applied topically), and the dorsal surface of the midbrain is exposed.
The presence of secondary bone (exostosis in this case) across the dorsal surface of the cranium and the fact that the bases of the horn cores attach to both the frontal and parietal bones identify this specimen as a male.
Dorsal surface of abdominal segments smooth, with 5 pairs of dorsal median and 8 pairs of dorsolateral sclerotized plates (Figs.
The ventricular cavity is uniformily lined by ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium except the true vocal folds and the dorsal surface of the epiglottis which shows stratified squamous epithelium on them (Fig.

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