dorsal surface

dor·sal sur·face

the dorsal surface of a structure (for example, sacrum, fingers, or toes).
Synonym(s): facies dorsalis [TA]
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13A, B) with anterior part slightly sloping anteriorly; shallow longitudinal depressions, ornamented with irregular pattern of minute longitudinal striae, present on dorsal surface either side of midline in ovigerous female; antennal tooth showing as blunt prominence; pterygostomial expansion not reaching tip of ventrolateral tooth of antennal basicerite, triangular, terminating in subacute tip.
Initially, head pigment was scattered lightly across the dorsal surface except where it outlined the posterior edge of both lobes of the nape.
Pronotal dorsal surface with short setae covering anterior and lower lateral areas; surface along posterior margin connecting dorsolateral angles with appressed short setae with several branches arranged in rosettes.
Our results show that the larvae of Cyclocephalini are distinguished from other American dynastine larvae by the following combination of characters: epipharynx with haptomeral process not entire (but entire in all species of Dyscinetus and in Ancognatha manca LeConte, 1866); plegmatia absent (except wide in Cyclocephala testacea Burmeister, 1847 and narrow in Aspidolea singularis Bates, 1888); dorsal surface of last antennal segment with two sensory spots; ocelli present and often pigmented (all species of Cyclocephala); each tarsal claw with two setae; raster without palidia (with palidia in C.
Only three small pieces of unmodified raw material were recovered and primary reduction flakes characterized by cortex on the platform and dorsal surface, or just the dorsal surface, were few in number (2%).
The thoracic transverse processes also articulate with the tubercle of the dorsal surface of the adjacent rib (Standring 2005) (Figure 1).
Cervical spines corneous; branchiostegal areas of carapace smooth to slightly granular, dorsal surface with scattered punctations.
Mmm, you've got very slim feet but not much cushioning,' she says, before going on to explain that podiatrists divide the feet into five 'rays' and that the top of the foot is called the dorsal surface and the bottom is known as the plantar surface.
The presence of furrows on the dorsal surface of the tongue, called fissured tongue or scrotal tongue, occurs in about 2%-5% of the general population.
Grasp the foot with the left hand along the dorsal surface of the foot, just below the ankle.
Once spontaneous or evoked activity of 1 to 3 afferent fibers was obtained, the electrode was attached to a cylindrical telemetry tag (15 mm diameter x 38 mm length) and mounted externally on the dorsal surface of the fish.

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