dorsal striatum

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dorsal striatum

those portions of the caudate nucleus and especially the putamen located generally superior to a plane representing the anterior commissure; also called the dorsal basal ganglia; may function in motor activities with cognitive origins.
Synonym(s): striatum dorsale [TA]
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(stri-a'tum) [L., grooved]
The caudate nucleus and the putamen, two large nuclei deep in each cerebral hemisphere that appear distinct but are connected anteriorly and are histologically and functionally a single entity. The striatum and the globus pallidus are the core components of the basal ganglia. Synonym: corpus striatum; Synonym: dorsal striatum.

dorsal striatum


ventral striatum

The nucleus accumbens plus the olfactory tubercle at the base of the cerebral hemisphere. These regions are part of the limbic circuitry.
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Like the dorsal striatum (i.e., CAU and PUT), the bilateral GP showed widespread positive correlations with entire cortical areas.
Over time, dopamine signaling would shift from the NAcc to the dorsal striatum and perpetuate craving and food seeking.
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No differences were found in relative optical density of dorsal striatum [[F.sub.(3,21)] = 0.268, p = 0.847] (Figure 6(b)).
This type of learning involves the dorsal striatum, and in particular the sensorimotor striatum or DLS.
The IBZM mean binding score for each selected region was 1.58 [+ o -] 0.10 for the left striatum; 1.54 [+ o -] 0,07 for the right striatum; 1,59 [+ o -] 0,12 for the left ventral striatum; 1.56 [+ o -] 0.09 for the right ventral striatum; 1.59 [+ o -] 0.10 for the left dorsal striatum; and 1.54 [+ o -] 0.08 for the right dorsal striatum.
Inactivation of the lateral but not medial dorsal striatum eliminates the excitatory impact of Pavlovian stimuli on instrumental responding.
Brain scans show that obese people had less activity in the dorsal striatum, the part of the brain that releases dopamine in response to eating, when they drank a chocolate milkshake, compared to leaner people, the researchers said.
Stice and Bohon looked at how much a particular pleasure center in the brain, known as the dorsal striatum, was "lit up" when women got a milkshake instead of the tasteless drink.
Brain scanning showed that a key region called the dorsal striatum -- a dopamine-rich pleasure center -- became active when they tasted the milkshake, but not when they tasted the comparison liquid that just mimicked saliva.
Research with cocaine and rodents suggests that dopamine released in the dorsal striatum is associated with drug-seeking behavior.