dorsal striatum

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dorsal striatum

those portions of the caudate nucleus and especially the putamen located generally superior to a plane representing the anterior commissure; also called the dorsal basal ganglia; may function in motor activities with cognitive origins.
Synonym(s): striatum dorsale [TA]


(stri-a'tum) [L., grooved]
The caudate nucleus and the putamen, two large nuclei deep in each cerebral hemisphere that appear distinct but are connected anteriorly and are histologically and functionally a single entity. The striatum and the globus pallidus are the core components of the basal ganglia. Synonym: corpus striatum; Synonym: dorsal striatum.

dorsal striatum


ventral striatum

The nucleus accumbens plus the olfactory tubercle at the base of the cerebral hemisphere. These regions are part of the limbic circuitry.
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In vivo micro-dialysis studies of age-related alterations in potassium-evoked overflow of dopamine in the dorsal striatum of Fischer 344 rats.
The researchers performed brain scans to view blood flow to the dorsal striatum, showing brain activity, as the girls and women drank a chocolate milkshake or a flavorless liquid.
Interestingly, recent work (Corbit and Janak 2007) has also implicated the dorsal striatum.
Subsequently, other imaging studies with alcoholic patients have shown an increased association between dorsal striatum regions and alcohol craving in response to the presentation of alcohol-related stimuli (Grusser et al.
InnerVoice seeks to stimulate mirror neuron and dorsal striatum activity: the combination of which encourages imitation, increases engagement, and stimulates communication behaviors.
Using animal models of TBI, our study investigated the prolonged pathological outcomes of TBI in different parts of the brain, such as the dorsal striatum, thalamus, corpus callosum white matter, hippocampus and cerebral peduncle," Borlongan, the study's lead author, said.
The dorsal striatum is the sensorimotor-related part of the striatum and it is composed by the putamen-caudate complex.
However, contrary to the aforementioned reports, I observed that the expression level of D3 receptor mRNA in the dorsal striatum decreased by METH treatment (No significant changes were shown for D1 and D2 receptor levels.