dorsal respiratory group

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dorsal respiratory group (dōrˑ·sl resˈ·pi·r·tōrˑ·ē grōōpˑ),

n the group of neurons located in the medulla oblongata, which generates the basic rhythm of breathing.


directed toward or situated on the back surface, the surface facing away from the ground; opposite the ventral.

dorsal column system
the sensory tracts in the dorsal funiculus of the spinal cord, consisting of the fasciculus gracilis and fasciculus cuneatus.
dorsal metacarpal disease
a range of compressive stress lesions of the cortex of the third metacarpal bone of young racing horses; includes bucked shins, incomplete cortical fracture.
dorsal recumbency
see dorsal recumbency.
dorsal respiratory group
that part of the respiratory center which is located in the dorsal medulla oblongata.
dorsal stripe
the dark brown mark that runs along the middle of the back from the poll to the butt of the tail in donkeys, mules, yellow dun horses and primitive horses and ponies.