dorsal position

su·pine po·si·tion

lying on the back.
Synonym(s): dorsal position
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The rib facets of the posterior cervical centra are in a more dorsal position (Figure 5A) and they are no divided into anterior and posterior portion as it is seen in "K." boyacensis (Hampe, 1992).
Implementing the package saw a sharp increase- 76 per cent from just 1 per cent - in adopting the lateral or upright positions, which has more advantages than the dorsal position in reducing complications.
Upright vaginal breech delivery was associated with reductions in duration of the second stage of labor, use of breech maneuvers required, maternal/neonatal morbidities, and cesarean rate when compared with vaginal delivery in the dorsal position. Such a maneuver can be a part of antenatal patient education offered to women who have breech presentation.
1 collected in our study, in having the esophagus in a dorsal position in the brachial pillar rather than in a central position (Table 2), and in having a single chromatophore located in the ventral midline between the eyes (Fig.
The outcome of this analysis was the intention of the mother to put the baby to sleep in the dorsal position (supine or belly up).
The orbital region has seven pairs of foramina, two on dorsal position: one for the trochlear nerve and another for the oculomotor nerve; two on median position: one for the orbitonasal channel and another for the optic nerve; and two in ventral position: one for the interorbital vein and another for the efferent artery.
Compared to the specimens exposed to 25[degrees]C and 28[degrees]C, those exposed to 22[degrees]C had eyes in the dorsal position of the head.
VSD sponge was tailored and placed at the ventral and dorsal position of the kidney leaving no dead space.
A lateral view is important so as not to miss the ZD, because of its dorsal position. The definitive treatment of ZD requires excision of the diverticulum and a cricopharyngeal myotomy.
The dorsal type has the oviduct opening in a relatively dorsal position, with the vagina lying ventrally far from the oviduct.
Women who gave birth in the lithotomy position were 2.23 times more likely to develop difficulties in breastfeeding after birth compared to those with perineal tears and at a percentage of 76.3%, compared to 23.7% who gave birth in the dorsal position.
abdominal muscle - lifting the trunk from dorsal position for 30" and raising the legs stretched from hanging, b.