dorsal pancreatic artery

dor·sal pan·cre·at·ic ar·ter·y

origin, proximal part of splenic artery; distribution, passes inferiorly to neck of pancreas (partially embedded in the pancreas) to supply head and body of pancreas; anastomosis, superior pancreaticoduodenal.
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The body and tail of the pancreas are supplied by branches of the splenic artery, including the dorsal pancreatic artery.
The dorsal pancreatic artery arose from the coeliac trunk just anterior to the origin of common hepatic artery.
The coeliac trunk typically gives rise to three major branches, the left gastric artery, the hepatic and the splenic arteries; it may likewise give rise to one or both the inferior phrenic arteries or to a branch, the dorsal pancreatic artery to the pancreas (2).
We may emphasize that authors like Michels (1951; 1953a,b) and Rio Branco found one dorsal pancreatic artery and one middle colic artery originating in the celiac trunk, this fact not found by us.

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