dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus

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dorsal lateral geniculate nu·cle·us

main division of the lateral geniculate body; consists of two magnocellular layers [TA] (strata magnocellularia [TA]) and four parvocellular layers [TA] (strata parvocellularia [TA]) and serves as a processing station in the major pathway from the retina to the cerebral cortex, receiving fibers from the optic tract and giving rise to the geniculocalcarine radiation to the visual cortex in the occipital lobe.
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Birds have GABAergic interneurons throughout the pallium, including within the thalamorecipient sensory areas (Sun et al., 2005), but in contrast to mammals, the major sensory relay nuclei, including nuclei rotundus and ovoidalis and the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus, are only very sparsely populated with GABAergic neurons (Mpodozis et al., 1996; Sun et al., 2005).

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