dorsal branch

dor·sal branch

1. posteriorly directed branches. Terminologia Anatomica lists dorsal branches of the lumbar artery, the medial occipital artery to the corpus callosum, posterior intercostal arteries, the subcostal artery, and the ulnar nerve.
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Doppler parameters showed a reduction of peripheral blood resistances and a progressive reduction in resistance of the blood flow in the dorsal branch of the prostatic artery.
Dorsal connective with dorsal branch pointed dorsally (Fig.
Dorsal connective with dorsal branch shorter than ventral one (Fig.
Further experiments that followed the fate of individual stalk cells in live fruit flies proved that a group of well-differentiated cells known as the anterior dorsal branch stalk cells were actually stepping in to repopulate the side of the trachea lacking imaginal cells.
11); paired and symmetrical processes on apex of aedeagal shaft are biramose and again biramose on dorsal branch (Figs.

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