dorsal branch

dor·sal branch

1. posteriorly directed branches. Terminologia Anatomica lists dorsal branches of the lumbar artery, the medial occipital artery to the corpus callosum, posterior intercostal arteries, the subcostal artery, and the ulnar nerve.
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Pygofer dorsal appendage movably articulated, bifurcate at base, dorsal branch longer than ventral branch, extended beyond apex of lobe.
Notably for the ulnar nerve, the use of only the two points supplied by the dorsal cutaneous branch detects abnormality in 56% of nerves (78/140) whereas use of three points on palm (Method A) detects abnormality in 27% of nerves (38/140), showing that the dorsal branch of the ulnar is more frequently impaired than the palmar branch.
The dorsal branch of these branches was connected with another ganglion (Fig.
Doppler parameters showed a reduction of peripheral blood resistances and a progressive reduction in resistance of the blood flow in the dorsal branch of the prostatic artery.
Rare anatomical variations described by various authors are; failure of the middle third of the posterior interosseous flap;14 absence of anastomosis between recurrent dorsal branch of anterior interosseous artery and posterior interosseous artery at the level of middle third of the posterior forearm;21 narrowing of PIA in the middle third of forearm;13 and termination of PIA in the middle third of the forearm.
65, 67-68, 70); paraprocts short with dorsal branch rounded (in A.
66); dorsal branch of male paraproct rounded (Figs.
levator palatoquadrati, being originated from a dorsal branch of the mandibular nerve.
Usually the first part of vertebral artery develops from proximal part of dorsal branch of seventh cervical intersegmental artery proximal to postcostal anastomosis.
11); paired and symmetrical processes on apex of aedeagal shaft are biramose and again biramose on dorsal branch (Figs.

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