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Imaging adjective Referring to a targetoid lesion or radiodensity in which the central and peripheral fields are relatively more radiodense or darker that the middle field
noun The targetoid lesion or radiodensity itself
Surgery A sleeve of tissue excised after a major gastrointestinal tract resection, often of the distal colon, when a cancer extends close to the margin of the original segment
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Randy's Donuts is also well known for its references and appearances on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Victorious, and many others.
"I started the business in April just doing home delivered boxes of donuts and it's really grown from there."
The fries drew "a strong consumer response" during the initial test, Tony Weisman, Dunkin' Donuts U.S.
On June 2, Dunkin' Donuts fans can turn themselves into a donut with a special brand Snapchat Lens celebrating the holiday, available everywhere nationwide.
Guests now have the option to purchase Dunkin' Donuts mGifts in Messages using Apple Pay.
I also started to think about the associations we draw with donuts and donuts in the workplace, given that a fresh box of sugary carbohydrates can turn a bad morning around pretty quickly.
Like many, I am a bit wary of attempting an at-home recipe, thinking to myself, "There is no way it will ever look like the photo," or "How on earth do I find these ingredients?" After Googling what the three starches are and what you can substitute for eggs and coconut oil, you barely have enough time left to make the donuts and no time left to enjoy yourself.
Meanwhile, a 60 year old woman was in the hospital in Tel Aviv after nearly choking on a donut. Paramedics arrived on the scene after just a few minutes and began administering the Heimlich Maneuver, Magen David Adom officials said Sunday.
Having started off as a single outlet operation in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950, Dunkin' Donuts dishes up a wide range of fresh baked goods and beverages across 11,000 outlets in 55 countries.
The technical experts at Beneo have conducted technical trials to improve the shelf-life and quality of glazed and iced, freshly and frozen packed donuts. The results show that with the partial replacement of sucrose with Beneo's functional carbohydrate Palatinose[TM] in glazings or icings, shelf-life and overall product quality can be significantly improved.
Founded in 1950, Dunkin' Donuts is a market leader in the regular/decaf coffee, iced coffee, hot flavoured coffee, donut, bagel and muffin categories, and the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world.
New Delhi, May 9 -- Singaporean gourmet donut brand MadOver Donuts has announced its association with Bollywood Film - Go Goa Gone.