donor site

donor site,

n the portion of the body from which an organ or tissue is removed for transplant or grafting.
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This reduction in donor site skin requirements has important benefits from both clinical and health economic perspectives.
Epidermal grafting and technology based on fractional laser treatments continue to show promise for achieving a scarless donor site for patients who need grafting to promote wound healing, Dr.
Conclusion: Coverage of small palmer wounds with glabrous skin grafts had shown excellent cosmetic and functional outcome along with minimal donor site morbidity and easy technique.
Muscle-sparing flaps such as the DIEP and msf-TRAM have been developed to reduce complications at the abdominal donor site.
Consideration is given to the location of the donor site scar after phalloplasty (radial arm vs.
In transposition flaps, the donor site was grafted and in rotation flaps, donor site was closed primarily.
The iliac crest is of- ten used as donor site although other extra-oral (calvaria) and intra-oral (mandibular ramus and/ or symphysis, maxillary tuberosity, etc.
Firstly, hair follicles in the donor site were destroyed using a radiosurgical knife 2 months before the operation.
Explaining the procedure, Dr Rezai told Gulf News: "Perforator flaps such as the DIEP flap are "free" flaps consisting of skin, fatty tissue and tiny blood vessels which are micro-surgically removed from the donor site and transferred to the chest for reconstruction of the new breast.
Conclusion: Perforator-based flaps have become popular in modern reconstructive surgery because of low donor site morbidity and good preservation of muscle.
A very thin slice of skin is shaved off the donor site.
The most common skin donor site is the anteromedial aspect of the ipsilateral arm (figure 1).